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The Centre of Expertise on Influencing Behaviours, within Defra, seeks to influence behaviour by contributing to the development of more effective interventions. It builds and reviews a coherent evidence base, develops small scale pilots and provides advice, support, and tools on best practice for influencing behaviour. Over the past 3 years the evidence base has particularly focused on understanding how to encourage sustainable behaviours and identifying key insights on the barriers and motivations to action.

Research includes piloting and testing innovative approaches ranging from small-scale piloting projects, through the Action Based Research programme, to the larger scale projects within the Greener Living Fund which expand on tried and tested approaches to encourage more sustainable behaviours.

The Framework for Sustainable Lifestyles is a tool to support Defra and external organisations to develop effective approaches to influence behaviour. This core set of easy-to-follow slides builds on the 2008 Framework for Pro-environmental Behaviour, and is relevant for all teams seeking to influence the behaviour of citizens, customers, and/or business.