A Bed-time Story

Tags: leadership | climate change | EAUCConf16

A Bed-time Story    image #1

This keynote session was delivered by Mac Macartney, Founder - Embercombe, at the “Learning and Legacy: The Role of Education in Creating Healthier and Happier Cities” EAUC Annual Conference 2016.

There is a new story emerging. It is born of necessity, painful experience and an awakening to opportunity. Education is not the servant of government, commerce, culture or fleeting ideology. It is forever wrapped in the unfolding dream of human potential and our capacity to align dreams of freedom, community, health and happiness with actions that support the emergence of the same. Education has a responsibility to carry this torch in a manner plain to see.  Cities that are designed and managed on principles aligned with our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are possible but first we have to make that choice. Do those of us who teach, research, administrate, and develop policy in education have the vision, courage, and humility to talk and walk this story alive?

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