Assessing Students’ Skills – the Relevance for Global Learning

Tags: learning | students | skills | global | assessment

Assessing the global competences of students is a major challenge - and even more so, when the aim is to compare them across nations and cultures (as is the case with the OECD’s PISA assessments).  There are risks that the results will be reduced to rather simplistic headline-grabbing league tables.  However Think Global believe that global skills are becoming some of the most important skills for students - not just for young people’s future work life but also for their ability to engage as global citizens.  The process of attempting to define global competences, and studying the differences between different education systems, will help us to understand how education can help equip students with these vital skills.  And so, it is worth working to overcome these challenges.

In 2018, for the first time, the OCED ‘PISA’ international comparisons of students will measure ‘global competences’.  Watch the video of Think Global's lunchtime talk on 6th November 2014, Assessing students’ skills – the relevance for global learning by Bethan Burge, Research Director, Centre for International Comparisons, National Foundation for Educational Research.