AUE University of Birmingham - Muirhead Tower case study

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The companies who exhibited at the AUE's 2013 Conference at Goldsmiths and 2014 Conference at Bradford were asked to provide us with case studies of projects they have undertaken at Higher Education Institutions. Please note that publication of these documents does not in any way imply that the AUE recommends these products or their manufacturers. They are here to provide a reference point for AUE members. We have also added Case Studies provided to AUDE as part of the Revolving Green Fund Knowledge Sharing inititative.

The building has been given a new ‘double skin’ glazing system with a high shading co-efficient. This lessens solar gain and so reduces the requirement for cooling. As well as improving the energy efficiency of Muirhead Tower, the University was keen to improve the wellbeing of building users. We felt this could be supported by lighting design that took advantage of the high levels of daylight available.