Buying Energy - best practice from OGC

Tags: energy | carbon | procurement | reduction

Office of Government Commerce has been promoting recommended best practice for energy which is; to buy flexibly, have a robust risk management strategy and aggregate all purchases. This has been proven to increase value for money and has achieved over £200m of savings in FY 09/10 to those organisations whom use the recommended solutions.

Over 75% of Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Police Authorities and Central Government are now using recommended solutions and have received direct benefit from the savings of over £200m. However, the FHE sector currently sits at 50% and is not fully benefiting from accessing these recommended solutions.

Therefore, to ensure your organisation is fully benefiting from these independently recommended solutions, OGC recommends you refer to these guidance documents Energy Buying - working together for better results and Energy Buying - The Effective way to Manage Risk.