Palm Oil and Biodiversity Webinar

Tags: procurement | biodiversity | policy | poverty | collaboration | supply chain | conservation

The destruction of biodiversity is one of the most critical environmental issues facing global society. Whilst the production of unsustainable palm oil is one of the leading causes of biodiversity loss in Asia, UWE Bristol also recognizes the importance of supporting sustainable palm oil as a contributor to poverty alleviation, rural development and conservation of primary areas of rainforest.   

Following staff concern, academic interest, and pressure from The Students’ Union at a Sustainability Board meeting, an action was made to create a working group. This allowed us to explore the current position of the university on palm oil, and create the first in-depth sustainable palm oil policy of any UK university. This states that by 2020, all catering and cleaning palm oil products will be RPSO certified.
During this webinar, The Students’ Unions former Sustainability Officer Amy Staff and Assistant Vice Chancellor James Longhurst will delve into the story of palm oil, and will discuss how Institutions across the UK can be supported to implement their own sustainable palm oil policy.

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