Energy Efficiency Technologies Catalogue

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EAUC-Scotland Resource Efficient Scotland

EAUC-Scotland and Resource Efficient Scotland (RES) have produced the Energy Efficiency Technologies Catalogue as an introduction to different technology options for universities and colleges to consider while reviewing and revising project lists. The 8 areas that the technologies are broadly grouped as are:

  • Lighting
  • Heat raising plants
  • Motor and drives
  • HVAC, cooling and air conditioning
  • Power management
  • Small-scale renewables
  • Refrigeration and building fabric

The information provided is typical of a standard approach, but shouldn’t be taken as definitive in every situation. It provides a useful introduction to the options, but as ever, it is your responsibility to fully explore the options before taking on any project commitment.

Over time, the catalogue will be amended so that it includes links to relevant guidance documents, case studies, web pages and any other sources of information that will help explain what is involved, to allow the user  to fully consider potential application within and across their estate.

Users will also have the opportunity to add further examples of projects they have undertaken previously, and to share lessons  learned during project implementation in the same way.

We hope you find the catalogue useful, but if you have any comments on content, or suggestions for improvement, we’d love to hear from you.

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