Cambridge Living Laboratory Annual Report 2013-2014

Tags: report | Cambridge | living laboratory | estate management | green challenge

The Living Lab’s goal is to improve the sustainability of the University of Cambridge by using the estate to test and research real world environmental problems while enhancing the educational experience of students attending the University. The Living Lab seeks to involve students from diverse academic backgrounds in creating solutions to the operational challenges of the University. It also looks to be a platform for academic staff to suggest and steer research on the University estate, and to be a tool for Estate Management to improve the environmental practices of the University.

The Living Lab achieves its aims through developing projects that connect students, academic staff and Estate Management staff. This collaboration is leading to innovative research and practical projects that enhance Cambridge’s sustainability.

Originally, the Living Lab was a 2-year project that started in October 2012 with funding from
Santander to enable programme delivery. It has since evolved with an additional three years of funding from Santander for the continuation of the programme.