University of Suffolk: Brickmakers Wood Living Lab

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The University of Suffolk and Eden Rose Coppice Trust (ERCT), Brickmakers Wood Living Lab Project explores the societal, ecological and educational benefits of third sector partnerships on the University Estate. The importance of green spaces within our estate portfolio is often overlooked in decision-making and under utilised as a resource.  Brickmakers is a 3.5 acre University-owned woodland set within an urban ward experiencing significantly high levels of deprivation.

The Lab has been established within the context of the framework of the SDG’s, enabling the creation of a transdisciplinary, multi stakeholder resource where innovations and learning possibilities take place.  Designated curriculum time enables students to work within the woodland on conservation/well being projects along with community users, academics and external specialists. Such knowledge exchange on a scholarly basis is invaluable.

Additionally, a new wildlife pond and heritage orchard has been created to act as a research site for evaluating localised improvements to Urban Biodiversity. This resource forms the basis of an undergraduate longitudinal study, targeting indicator species and evaluating improvements to local air quality. Additional research, supported through the Suffolk Sustainability Institute will evaluate the ongoing impact of the Woodland on users and the wider community against specific SDG’s.