Carbon Trust Advice for Higher Education Institutions

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Helping the public sector to cut energy costs and carbon emissions.

Public sector bodies have a significant carbon footprint, sizeable associated energy bills which are getting bigger every year and most importantly the ability to extend their influence beyond their own estate and operations throughout whole communities. This influence extends across a range of carbon sensitive themes including procurement, planning, local business engagement and education.

For over ten years the Carbon Trust has been working closely with the public sector and across regions both in the UK and overseas to help public bodies to reduce energy use without impacting on services, helping them to cut unnecessary spending and become more efficient, while also tackling the urgent need to cut emissions to reduce the risk of damaging climate change.

This resource takes you to a page on the Carbon Trust's website which outlines the below support for public sector bodies:

  • Our experience
  • How we can help
  • Technical support
  • Organisational engagement support
  • Software and tools
  • Decentralised energy support
  • Frameworks we are on