Carbon/Energy Management Plans - July 2015 Member Responses

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Carbon/Energy Management Plans - July 2015 Member Responses image #1

Elena Rivilla Lutterkort, Sustainability Officer, London School of Economics and Political Science emailed the Energy and Water Community of Practice as follows:

"Quick poll following discussions, just add  Y/N next to the questions as your response
a)      Do you have a Carbon/ Energy Management Plan you are currently reviewing or intending to do so in the next 6 months?
b)      Absolute, relative or both targets?
c)       Do you have a top level champion pushing to meet targets?
d)      Do you already have some funding set aside to meet your target?
e)      If you already know, what methods are you using for the refresh? Consultation, team-led review, external consultants, etc.
Answers to be collated! And any other interesting comments you want to add!"

Thanks to those who replied and to Elena for collating the responses.

Members can download the responses to Elena's request. You will need your EAUC log in to access this resource.