In a new documentary film called 'Climate Change and Scotland's Future', University of Glasgow graduates Jenni O'Neill and Cameron Mackay (both recent geography graduates from University of Glasgow) put their degrees to use to look at how one of the biggest issues facing the country they grew up in could be tackled.


The film explores some of the challenges different communities in Scotland are facing due to the effects of climate change, and how Scotland can adapt to these changes. The film premiered over Climate Week 2017, the evening featured a panel discussion with representatives from local government, charities, the public and private sectors. With over 120 attendees the event was hugely successful, and was made possible with sponsorship from Vital Energi, who are currently working with Strathclyde University to install a low carbon combined heat and power system.

Through investigating what people can do to mitigate and prepare for the impacts of climate change in Scotland over coming decades, their journey takes them from Glasgow to South Uist and from National Nature Reserves to coastal towns.

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