Climate Just Information Tool and Training Resources

Tags: adaptation | fuel poverty | Flooding | Climate Just | Heatwaves


Climate Just have created an information tool to map risks and vulnerabilities to flooding, heatwaves and fuel poverty.

Scotland has now been updated and you can access the data around flooding for the entire region.

The flooding section breaks down the risks/vulnerability areas into key reasons/causes/factors:

  • Susceptibility – Age & Health
  • Inability to prepare
  • Income
  • Information use
  • Local knowledge
  • Property Tenure
  • Inability to respond
  • Inability to recover
  • Community support

The tool is useful to institutions to discover how their local community and environment will be effected in extreme climate events. Find it here.

It could also be particularly insightful for risks to student accommodations or students privately rented properties.

In Spring 2018 Adaptation Scotland ran two days training for the tool. Resources and presentations for this training are available here.