Commodity Information Sheets (PPAPC) - Oil and Gas

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Poverty-aware procurement information sheets

The Promoting Poverty Aware Procurement on Campus (PPAPC) project completed at the end of March 2010.

The PPAPC project has produced 14 Commodity Information Sheets, which cover the following commodity areas; Banking, Beauty, Beverages, Cleaning, Clothing, Electronics, Fruit, Oil & Gas, Paper, Plastics, Seafood, Steel, Timber, and Vegetables.

These commodity information sheets are a series of fourteen two page documents for key commodity/service areas chosen to cover the main areas of procurement relevant to poverty issues and where some sort of constructive response can be made through procurement practice.

Each sheet provides an introduction to the commodity or service area, highlighting the main relevant poverty issues, and then provides some examples of the issues. Information is also provided on responses to the issues that can be used as indicators of good practice, sources of further information and summary recommendations for procurement professionals.