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Part 1: Mobilising your Institution

Background information that will help get you up to speed with the agenda.  

The Business Case - Outline of the drivers and legal requirements for managing biodiversity on campus. This information will to help you to produce your business case, manage risks and provide long term benefits for staff, students and the wider community.  

Making Biodiversity Happen - How to start and maintain action for biodiversity within your institution.

Communicating Biodiversity - How to spread the biodiversity message within your institution and  beyond.

Part 2: Practical Management

General tips and guidance that should be considered when creating, enhancing and/or maintaining common habitats found on campus.

Part 3: Next Steps

Finding funding - Tips for finding funding and an overview of funding sources.

Further information - Recommended sources of information to consult before you get going.

Useful organisations and resources - Specialist organisations to contact for advice and assistance alongside online tools to assist you.