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It is a certainty that climate change will affect different people and places unevenly, and so is likely to lead to inequalities within and across nations, and between current and future generations, so creating injustice.

We have collated a range of resources, organisations, initiatives, etc that might be relevant for your own personal and professional development, learning and acknowledgement.

If you have a relevant resource, please get in touch and we will add it to this growing list. 

Science Council

Diversity and Inclusion Progression Framework 2.0

Access here
Diverse Sustainability Initiative

Transforming diversity within the environment sector and sustainability profession

Access here
Diversity in Sustainability It equips current and future Black, Indigenous and People of Colo(u)r (BIPOC) sustainability leaders with the skills, networks, and resources to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and just future. Access here

Boots and Beards

Hillwalking to deepen connection with nature in South Asian communities. Access here
Networking Key Services CCF vegetable gardening, recycling, children's classes on climate crisis Access here
CEMVO Ethnic Minority Environmental Network Access here
RACE.ED University of Edinburgh network on understanding race and decolonial studies from multidisciplinary perspective Access here
The Wretched of the Earth Grassroots collective demanding climate justice Access here
Global Generation It works with children, students, families, businesses in Camden, Islington and Southwark to create healthy and environmentally responsible communities Access here
Repowering London It empowers communities by helping them develop their own clean energy co-operatives. Access here
The Black Curriculum Education-based resource on Black British History Access here
Mary Robinson Foundation A centre for thought leadership, education and advocacy on the struggle to secure global justice for those people vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Access here
Anti-racism Briefing It covers current ethnic health inequalities in the UK, and details the reasons behind these disparities with reference to socioeconomic factors, as well as deep-rooted institutional racism. Access here

The Institution of Environmental Sciences

A plan for systemic change to improve diversity in the sector Access here
The Institution of Environmental Sciences Equality, Diversity & Inclusion Plan Priorities 2020-2023  Access here
Advance HE & Surrey University Race equality e-learning module Access here