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Plymouth College of Art has developed an information sharing resource; The Sustainability Information Teaching Exchange

The SITE, as it is known, is an online resource for both FE and HE in the UK offering:

  • Workshop materials for staff and students which helps them explore what the sustainability issues of their subject specialism are.
  • Subject specific resource pages (including sustainability weblinks, case studies, downloadable documents as relevant to each subject) for sustainability
  • Subject specific discussion forums
  • An 'Upload information' form for users of the SITE to contribute useful links, case studies, documents or information that might further add to the usefulness of the SITE for other users.

Information will also be added about how sustainability is being embedded across the whole institution at PCA

The subject area resource pages are in the early stages of being developed and expanded at present..

The SITE is looking to developing partnerships with other academic institutions (and, potentially, industry and community organisations) and also seeking funding for further development.