Links with Business and Local Employers in Welsh Colleges

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Cynnal Cymru - Sustain Wales carried out some research in 2014 into the way the FE sector in Wales is embracing the concept of sustainable development and turning theory into practice.

The result of this research is the report entitled: 'How the Further Education Sector Is Adopting Sustainable Development as a Central Organising Principle' and four case studies. 

This case study focuses on Links with Business and Local Employers.

Further Education is largely focused on immediate employment and specialises in NVQs, BTECs and apprenticeships. The sector provides people in employment with opportunities for professional development and acts as a bridge to employment for 16 to 19 year olds.

The Webb Review published in 2007 identified a need and opportunity for FE to collaborate with the business sector and with work based training providers and since its publication great improvements have been made in the way that these sectors collaborate.