Everybody Needs Good Neighbours

Tag: EAUCConf18

Australian institutions often look to their UK and European counterparts with varying levels of envy due to the supportive and progressive climate in which universities and colleges are surrounded by in this part of the world. The lack of government and funding support across Australia is posing all sorts of issues for the higher education sector. Yet, in a time of stiff competition, changing institutional focus, and reduced support, what has arisen is strength in partnerships. This interactive session will provide case studies from two leading Australian universities focusing on infrastructure partnerships and people partnerships. Hear about the University of Technology, Sydney big infrastructure projects regarding district energy and recycled water networks and offsite solar Power Purchase Agreements, alongside learning about their Better Buildings Partnership and the 2SER Think: Sustainability radio program. You will also hear about the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology large scale Renewable Energy Project and the New Academic Street project which transformed the heart of the RMIT City campus. The ‘warts n all’ overview will provide plenty of time for group discussion and questions as we try to answer those burning issues you may be dealing with in current or future projects. These examples will demonstrate how partnerships with like-minded organisations can create powerful outcomes for the community and industry alike – especially in comparison to going it alone.