GGAA 2014 - Learning & Teaching - James Cook University - Highly Commneded

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The living laboratory: action-orientated pedagogy for a sustainable campus

JCU’s Bachelor of Sustainability is one of only a few undergraduate degree programs in Australia that is truly dedicated to sustainability. The program is unique in that it is innovative and multidisciplinary enough to offer students the skills required to become successful sustainability practitioners. Since the program’s commencement in 2012, student engagement in action-orientated projects has contributed to both EfSD pedagogies and JCU’s broader goal of becoming a leader in sustainability in the tertiary sector.

Top 3 learnings:

  • Empowering students to actively identify and resolve sustainability problems on campus is a powerful pedagogical tool.
  • Students want to see a university that “practices what it preaches”. Involving students in decision-making around sustainability provides a valuable learning tool and a more holistic approach to campus design.
  • Encouraging student-driven projects through teaching will create many ‘flow-on’ benefits for the institution.