GGAA 2014 - Best Newcomer - University of Canberra - Winner

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Late Starter, Fast Runner – Collaborate to Innovate

From catch up to innovation, UC may be a late starter, but has proved to be a fast runner in procuring a sustainable future. A collaborative and life cycle approach to sustainable procurement has allowed the university to; embed sustainable practices across campus operations; extend sustainability expertise across business units; and engage students in redefining purchasing, use and post-use systems.

Top 3 learnings:

  • Sustainability knowledge needs to be shared and integrated across business units to achieve true mainstreaming
  • Initiatives that challenge popular culture assist in progressing discourse and increasing awareness of individuals capacity to enact change
  •  Limited access to resources promotes innovation and collaboration – ‘necessity is the mother of all invention’

What it means to win: “Since becoming the first university in Australia to end the sale of bottled water on campus UC has continued to reduce its environmental footprint. Recognition of the University’s performance provides validation to all the students and staff who have been actively engaged in evolving and driving a strong sustainability agenda”.
Prof. Stephen Parker, Vice-Chancellor, University of Canberra.

What the judges say: The judges felt that the institution clearly identified what areas could be changed easily and then acted quickly and successfully on them, with sound financial benefits. This was especially evident in their procurement activities. They engaged with students by post project reviews and clearly addressed dissemination, innovation and replicability. It showed a good scale of impact and what can be implemented in the shortest time period yet with the highest impacts.