GGAA 2014 - Learning & Teaching - TAFE NSW - Northern Sydney Institute

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Sprouting Seeds: growing and learning together

Sprouting seeds: Growing and learning together at the Northern Sydney Institute, is about educating and inspiring the early childhood sector to make informed, considered decisions in providing play spaces that encourage a connectedness with nature, and a sense of belonging for children, their families and the wider community. Over 2500 students and 130 early childhood professionals have engaged in learning that has challenged their thinking and practices and provided an opportunity to connect children with nature.

Top 3 learnings:

  • Talk to others: they have skills and knowledge that you don’t know about and can be great resources and supporters.
  • Think long term – be prepared to chip away, be patient and celebrate the small successes with your team and don’t be afraid of making mistakes and learning along the way.
  • Listen, read, and reflect – remember you are not supposed to know everything, and others may have something great to contribute – work with them.