GGAA 2014 - Social Responsibility - Griffith University - Finalist

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The EcoCentre

The EcoCentre is a key element of Griffith University’s Griffith Science group and promotes an encouraging message that the knowledge, existing framework and resources to develop a truly sustainable world already exist. It is an internationally recognised centre promoting sustainability and environmental education and provides a successful community gateway into Griffith University. The EcoCentre adopts an innovative approach to promoting sustainable ways of living by working across local, national and international communities through the delivery of collaborative awareness education programs in partnership with industry, government and the community.

Top 3 learnings:

  • Have a clear understanding of the business activities when in the design stage so the appropriate space is built.
  • Build strong relationships within the University. Develop your programs to support the University’s strategic plan and engage with as many people and departments as necessary.
  • Engage the community as much as possible, from planning & building to developing & implementation of the programs. This will increase your acceptance in the community, assist in lifting your profile and provides a sense of ownership for the community.