GGAA 2014 - Student Engagement - La Trobe University - Finalist

Tags: awards | procurement | International | fairtrade | trade | fair

Driving Ethical Consumption Collaboratively: Student led initiatives to raise Fair Trade awareness

Students and staff working together to deliver a common goal: raising awareness of Fair Trade as a tangible example of sustainability in practice. This project provided leadership opportunities for students, met important objectives for La Trobe and raised awareness of Fair Trade within the university community. Thereby delivering to the true beneficiaries of this project – producers in developing countries – through increased sales of fair trade products.

Top 3 learnings:

  • Remember students are at the University for a short period of time. Develop tools and resources which can be handed on to save time and students ‘re-inventing the wheel’.
  • Changing patterns of consumption takes time. Build longevity into your plan so that the achievements of one year can be built upon the following year and are not forgotten.
  • Find staff champions to support the students.