Give it don’t bin it - Manchester Metropolitan University

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The waste created by a large student population moving at the end of each academic year creates a burden on the earth’s resources.  In its disposal it poses a nuisance to the local community and places a cost on the University and Manchester City Council.

Manchester Met’s Approach

Give it, Don’t Bin it is a partnership project to increase reuse in Manchester.  Manchester Met, The University of Manchester, Manchester Student Homes (MSH), Manchester City Council and charity partners work together to deliver the campaign to all university halls of residence, off-campus student housing and private halls.

Our scheme is distinctive because of the strength and success of our campaign which has raised over a million pounds since its inception.  

Students support delivery with input and guidance from university staff, in the form of volunteer, event management or marketing and engagement expertise.  At Manchester Met the #giveitdontbinit programme is supported by:

  • 65 Residential Advisors (students living in halls working on behalf of the University) actively promoting the campaign.
  • Student research projects solving complex waste disposal problems including understanding the value of items, researching end of life and leading a student fundraising group for the British Heart Foundation. 

Value Delivered

  • £1.3million worth of unwanted goods donated to the British Heart Foundation since inception.
  • 80,000 people are more knowledgeable about consumption and the circular economy in Manchester.
  • By July 2018 students and staff at Manchester Met collected 2,125 bags to donate, up 56% on 2017.
  • In 2016/17 211.8 Tonnes of items were diverted from the waste stream