Sustainability Sharing Series: Student Reuse Projects Guide

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Sustainability Sharing Series: Student Reuse Projects Guide image #1

EAUC-Scotland's virtual 'Sustainability Sharing Series' October 2018 edition discussed Influencing Student Reuse Projects. We have produced a best practice document from the knowledge exchanged during this session. It is available to download from the bar at the right of this page.

The concise and accessible Best Practice document touches on:

  • Forms of reuse projects
  • Growing a student reuse culture
  • Challenges
  • Monitoring and Reporting
  • Financial Support

The Sharing Series is an informal online sharing opportunity, where people working within further and higher education are invited to meet through our virtual meeting software to share their experiences and questions on specific sustainability topics. We aim to produce a 'Best Practice' document following each session to document and share the learning.

We will be covering a range of topics over the year varying from encouraging virtual meetings to measuring behaviour change. The sessions takes place on the first Wednesday of every month from 11-12. The full schedule is available here.