Green Gown Awards 2019 - Adam John Proctor, Keele University - Finalist

Tags: green gown awards 2019 | Keele University | Research with Impact Student

Good health and wellbeing is something everyone should be able to access. For that reason, when I learned that my third-year computing project offered the chance to research and create an application that provides a solution for a team within the university, I relished the opportunity.  

Working as a consultant for Keele University Sports Centre, I developed an interactive online wellbeing map with customisable layers providing a comprehensive guide to campus wellbeing facilities. The previous offering of paper-based maps summarising walking routes, events and useful wellbeing-related information was serviceable but permanent when printed. Flexibility and provision of up-to-date information in one go-to app enables the Sports Centre to promote wellbeing to students, staff and the local community.  

The app also enables different departments to add further facilities, events, activities and more, promoting paper-free digital resources that could be scaled and transferred to other businesses or institutions to promote health and wellbeing activities and facilities to their communities. 

Top 3 learnings:

  • Empowering students to explore real-world projects brings fresh insight to develop innovative approaches to sustainability challenges. 
  • Health and wellbeing can be a catalyst to engage university communities with wider sustainability initiatives. 
  • Starting with small collaborations can lead to unexpected partnerships, magnifying your project’s impact.