Green Gown Awards 2019 - GenGreen, London College of Fashion, UAL - Finalist

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GenGreen is a team of four students across MA Fashion Futures and MA Strategic Marketing who have collaborated to research the necessity for Sustainability to be implemented into the core of education and led workshops throughout schools within the local Watham Forest to educate and encourage Sustainable practice through a Fashion lens.  

We have covered two schools, with hope of achieving more in the future at LCF’s East London Champions, for 60 students. We have produced REBEL CRAFT workshops, which use Craftivism to encourage self-expression and to create personal statements regarding Fashion and the Environment. In result of this, we have provided students and teachers with the tools for Sustainable practice going forth in their studies and into their daily lives. 

Gengreen’s manifesto believes that Sustainability starts with education and we feel it is essential to plant the seeds of thought within our next generation so that they can grow the future they want to be part of. In a time of revolution, empowered by the Youth4Climate strikes, we feel that the voices of the younger generation have never been so LOUD and we believe that Fashion can be the tool for change. The Green Generation is Growing. 

Top 3 learnings:

  • The Green Generation is Growing. The young generation want to take control of their future, and the future of our planet. 
  • Sustainability needs collaboration. We need to work to together to communicate positive messages and offer tools of support toward a sustainable future. 
  • Sustainability should be at the core of education.