Green Gown Awards 2019 - Keele University - Finalist

Tags: Student Engagement | green gown awards 2019 | Keele University

Weigh to Go is an innovative student-led zero waste shop hosted within Keele Students’ Union shop. Demand for plastic-free produce has grown on campus over the past four years since the launch of the Keele Food Coop Veg Bags. Following a bid for scale-up funding to sell dried goods, partnership with KeeleSU shop has enabled students to lead on aspects of the enterprise including conducting research to inform product lines, involvement in ordering and stock management, and measuring impact of the shop.  

Weigh to Go is open to students, staff, residents living on campus, and members of the local community, having reach beyond the Keele campus. Products include cereals, dried fruits, pasta, grains, herbs, refillable detergents and shampoo, and alternatives to disposable single-use items such as water bottles.  

Weigh to Go demonstrates the transformational potential of student-led projects to provide solutions to sustainability challenges that have measurable impact. 

Top 3 learnings:

  • Planned changes to facilities can provide opportunities to innovate. Embrace them! 
  • Trusting students to lead on projects can create greater engagement and buy-in 
  • Aim high when applying for funding – compromise later if you have to.