Green Gown Awards 2019 - Keele University - Finalist

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We published our first Sustainability Report in 2011, comprising 17 pages with sections on the carbon management plan, renewable and low carbon energy, estates developments, waste and recycling, procurement and catering, sustainability in the curriculum, research, outreach and enterprise.  

The latest, our fifth report (2018), has grown to 25 pages and includes new sections on governance, communication, student engagement, grounds and biodiversity, transport and travel, green IT, health and wellbeing, equality and diversity. Each section provides a full narrative as well as headline figures.  

We made the decision to publish our sustainability report every two years; covering this much activity is a big undertaking, and we want to make sure our time and resource goes into driving change, as well as reporting on it! 

Top 3 learnings:

  • Get the balance between reporting and ‘doing’ right! 
  • Include headline figures and narrative for those who want to learn about the journey and process. 
  • Produce hard copy and digital version to reach different audiences.