Green Gown Awards 2019 - University of Gloucestershire - Finalist

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Green Gown Awards 2019 - University of Gloucestershire - Finalist image #1

The University of Gloucestershire creates real system change that makes sustainability shine in all areas of university life, avoiding the ‘snake oil’ of a mainly operational focus or isolated academic experiments. Our small and dynamic institution stands out for achieving significant results with modest resources, with a distinctive USP that sets us apart on three counts: 

  • Consistent Performance – the only university to hold top 10 position in every People & Planet league – the only comparative public index for all areas of sustainability  
  • Outstanding Results – in context, this small multi-campus university has delivered huge impact in all areas, with its unique strategy of co-creation and collaboration  
  • Academic Impact – notable success in embedding sustainability in the challenging academic environment, working with staff and students right across our academic map.  

Sustainability is not the preserve of wealthy sectors or academic elites – all universities have licence to innovate in sustainability and inspire other organisations seeking this paradigm shift. We create the real ‘value for many’ and sustainability value chain to drive our university’s future. 

Top 3 learnings:

  • We keep focus on systems thinking to balance how we drive change - top and bottom, inside and out. 
  • We work hard on communications and collaboration, to align with our university identity and priorities.  
  • We support our people to adapt and innovate, to harness the potential of rapidly changing agendas.