Greenwich Sustainability Hub

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The Greenwich Sustainability Hub is a partnership project between the Student’s Union university of Greenwich,  and the University of Greenwich. Its aim is to promote sustainable behaviour change amongst students and the wider community. It works with a number of partners within the community including: HE and FE institutions, ranging from an agricultural college to a music and dance conservatoire, to share best practice and local opportunities and events; local museums, historical attractions, and an outdoor education to realise sustainable behaviour change; and local schools and colleges as well as the University’s Winter Garden project to run workshops and presentations on education for sustainability.

The Greenwich Sustainability Hub launched in November 2013 with £171,572 funding from the NUS Students’ Green Fund. Currently it has engaged over 3,500 students and employed 6 students to work directly with students and partners as Green Ambassadors, helping to meet the University’s employability agenda. The Greenwich Sustainability Hub is also working with 2 HE/FE institutions and 3 local organisations to achieve Green Impact accreditation, helping to meet the projects community outreach objectives.