Adaptation Webinar Series Part3: Integrating adaptation into normal business activity (EAUC Webinar)

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AECOM, in partnership with the EAUC, delivered this webinar looking at how higher and further education organisations can integrate their findings from climate change risk assessments and adaptation assessments into normal business activities. This webinar is complimentary to the two adaptation presentations delivered by Adaptation Scotland.

Why should I watch this podcast?
The previous webinars provided higher and further education organisations with a sound understanding of adaptation and how to increase resilience to climate change, and what is required in regards to adaptation reporting requirements (find details of the other webinars below). Organisations are likely to allocate significant resources to climate change adaptation and, in order to capitalise on these investments, organisations must ensure that climate change adaptation is successfully integrated within normal business activities and across all sectors. Without this key step, organisations may struggle to progress past Stage 3 (Assess Climate Risks and Prioritise Actions) of Adaptation Scotland’s ‘Five steps to managing your climate risks’. This podcast will provide practical guidance relating to a number of methods of successfully embedding and integrating climate change and extreme weather across an organisation including: core principles; how to frame the climate change adaptation message; stakeholder buy-in; roles and responsibilities; training and feedback; policies, plans and procedures; and, monitoring and management.

Who is this podcast for?
This podcast is aimed at higher and further education representatives who want to know how they can improve ongoing climate change adaptation activities and want to facilitate an enhanced understanding and awareness of climate change across the organisations at all levels, including senior management and decision-makers. It is intended for staff from universities and colleges and may be particularly relevant to estate managers, operations and facilities managers, risk managers or environment or climate change officers.

What key learning outcomes will I take away from this podcast?
This podcast will help you to understand the importance of ‘moving research into practice’ with regards to climate change adaptation, and will equip the audience with the awareness, understanding and resources they need to move their institution towards becoming increasingly resilient to climate change. The video identifies key resources and will be highly transferable, with key process and procedures being outlined.

Penelope Pickerin is a Sustainability Consultant at AECOM, a global network of experts working with clients, communities and colleagues to develop and implement innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges. Penelope focuses on delivering sustainability and climate change services to critical infrastructure clients, most recently working in the energy and transportation sectors. In addition, Penelope has a keen interest in the subject areas of waste management, the promotion of pro-environmental behaviour and natural capital.

Adaptation Webinar Series

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Watch the Podcast

The presentation slides with links to all highlighted resources are available to download to the right of this page.