A thoroughly acclaimed plenary session featured Dr Alison Green, National Director at Scientists Warning and Academic Lead of Extinction Rebellion, who was joined by Maeve Cohen, Director of Rethinking Economics.

Their enthusiastic and thought-provoking discussion about the collective actions that must be taken across sectors to tackle climate breakdown and ecological collapse, have sparked debate and was very well received by the audience.

Some imminent actions they suggested are to encourage a critical shift of the curriculum and having the education sector leading and being the intellectual home to key disciplines and therefore, avoid having “young people in a position to inherit a spent planet”.

The session video is now available here.


  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=owzSatEPeLg (click to hide)
    Maeve Cohen who, as a student founded the Post Crash Economic Society, and is now the Director of Rethinking Economics an organisation seeking to outline the need to rethink the economics syllabus and teaching methods, was one of the plenary speakers at Influence! 2019. She was joined by Dr. Alison Green, an experienced senior academic leader who swapped academia for environmental activism and is now leading the Extinction Rebellion Academic partnership team.