Influence 2019! Using 'Crowd' to research against recycling behaviour

Tags: university | recycling | research | 2019 | influence2019 | influence | data | innovation | Nottingham | Trent | analysis | crowd | Shin | Lia | Blaj-Ward Paul | Daniel | Whitehouse

This paper discussed the outcome of the research workshop called ‘Crowd Research’ conducted with final year undergraduate students at Nottingham Trent University.

The crowd research technique is particularly useful for labour-intensive tasks, making it possible for groups to gather sufficient data that were once time-consuming or resource-intensive for a small research team.

The current study used a single day, 9 am to 5 pm, to conduct a number of primary research using the power of the crowd to collect research data against a total of 9 pre-defined research questions. Varied types of research methods were used such as on/offline survey, observations, image analysis, online polls, and interviews.

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This session was part of Influence, the EAUC’s 2019 Annual Conference. All resources from the day can be found here.