Influence 2019! Plenary Session - Influencing Your Organisational Leadership

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Influencing Senior Leaders- Insights from the Finance Director- Phil McNaull former Director of Finance, University of Edinburgh in conversation with Dave Gorman, Director of SRS, University of Edinburgh.

Ever wanted to know how senior leaders think? Ever wanted to quiz the finance director but never had the opportunity until now? Ever wanted to understand what makes a good business case and how to gain investment support for your sustainability ideas?

Dave Gorman, Director of SRS at Edinburgh University had an inspiring conversation with Phil McNaull, recently retired Director of Finance at Edinburgh University and former chair of BUFDG. The session started with Phil explaining why environmental sustainability and financial sustainability are increasingly intertwined and then provide tips for developing a persuasive business case for investment. 

Delegates had the chance to ask a Director of Finance how to make their case, tips and tricks and things to avoid, and the best way to ’seal the deal’. During the session they have covered how to influence senior decision makers, tips and tricks to increasing your organisational capital, impediments to getting to you and how to overcome them.

The session video is now available here.

This session was part of Influence, the EAUC’s 2019 Annual Conference. All resources from the day can be found here.