Keele University Students’ Union Sustainable Fashion Show

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Blog post written by Emma-Louise Aston, Member Events and Communities Officer, EAUC.

On 12 March, Keele University SU held the third annual sustainable fashion show and I was delighted to attend. At the 2014 Green Gown Awards, Keele University Students’ Union were finalists for their commitment to sustainability and the engagement and awareness raising that is apparent at the annual sustainable fashion show. Showcasing local, ethical and sustainable products to the community in a fresh and inventive way, events such as the fashion show are turning staff and students at Keele University into socially responsible citizens. The SU acknowledge that this event has been a catalyst for sustainability becoming a key strategic aim for KeeleSU.

The evening, hosted in the Student Union, was a lively one full of fantastic ethically sound stalls, University sustainability activities, local companies and student led initiatives such as the extremely popular “swishing” stall.

The clothing brands and stalls on offer were not only ethically minded but generous as well, as most of the stands donated products to the raffle which was raising money for Oxfam and Staffordshire Wildlife Trust.

The show itself kicked off at just gone 7 with a vintage catwalk featuring items from Valentine’s Curious Closet. This was followed by the Summer Season Catwalk which featured clothing kindly donated by Gentleman, Mudd & Water, Nomads, People Tree and Mata Traders. Between walks a very entertaining duo of students presented the show and also shone a spotlight on the reasons why dressing sustainably is so important, how you can do it easily (and cheaply!) and also why it is now becoming fashionable in itself. The final catwalk was themed with urban fashion in mind and included contributions from Why not?, THTC, Rofle & Wills, boodle, Wildlife Works and not to mention the fabulous array of Fairtrade clothing sold at the Student Union. There were also various contributions from the Think:Green “swishing” stall throughout the evening.

I would like to congratulate KeeleSU on a very successful evening and hope to see many more in the future.

Keele University are holding their Green Week, the week commencing Monday 16 March.
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