Large Scale PV - May 2016 Member Responses

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Fabia Jeddere-Fisher, Energy Manager, The University of the West of England emailed the Energy and Water Community of Practice to ask,

“I’m doing some benchmarking on HEI’s investing in solar PV energy and trying to gauge what scale of PV arrays are out there on University Buildings. Could anyone tell what the largest PV arrays are that we are aware of? Or is there a data base of PV at HEIs? I’m interested in it in terms of total across whole campuses/multiple installations, and also in terms of single roof-mounted installations.

We are planning a large PV array at UWE (you’ll hear about it next week at the EAUC conference!) but I’m trying to understand how substantial it is compared to what others in our sector are doing. This is to help me pitch the project to senior decision makers and marketing team.”

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