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The Wednesday Wins represents an informal discussion opportunity for all members to join. During the first group discussions, members have shared top tips on working from home, how to grow own food and top tips on how to run and plan successful webinars. Resources from these and any upcoming sessions can be downloaded below.

CORONAVIRUS – THE SCIENCE EXPLAINED provides authoritative and up-to-date explanations of the scientific evidence behind the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Business Support for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises: discover a wealth of free continuing professional development courses which your institution may benefit from whilst working from home provided by Open University.

10 Things to do to help the Earth during Covid-19 lock down (and beyond) - discover a selection of ideas provided by EAUC Scotland on how to make the most of the lockdown.

World Environment Day 2020 in times of Covid19 - Find out more about an initiative at Kingston University ran in June 2020 where staff members shared thoughts on the relationship with the environment in light of the current pandemic.