Next Generation Sustainability Strategy and Structure: Bridgend College

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EAUC commissioned the research paper ‘Next Generation Sustainability Strategy and Structure’ to help members understand the current sustainability landscape in tertiary education.

This case study is from Bridgend College

Structure: Dedicated Department

Highest level of authority: Governing Board


Sustainability at Bridgend College is incorporated as part of Health, Wellbeing and Sustainability. The approach is led by the Health, Safety and Sustainable Development Manager, Chris Long, who is responsible for developing strategy and policy for sustainability across the organisation. Chris is supported by two additional members of staff to make up the small but dedicated team. The aim of the team is to deliver understanding and increase ownership of sustainability action within departments, thus embedding it across the college. One member of the governing board is a sustainability champion, overseeing the sustainability approach from a high level.

Sustainability is incorporated within the Bridgend College Strategic Plan 2014-2019 and the ‘3E’ objectives: efficient, excellent and engaging. Sustainability is also included within the College’s annual reports. There is also an independent Sustainable Development Vision and Strategy 2016-2025, signed off by the Principal. This applies across the college in its entirety, responding to the Wellbeing and Future Generations Act, and setting out commitments in relation to all business areas.

Health and wellbeing are integral and fundamental aspects of sustainability at the College, and this small, integrated team set-up might be appropriately transferred to other small institutions, where size limitations often restrict resource availability.

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