Radical Sustainability - Going Beyond Sustainability 2.0

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Radical Sustainability - Going Beyond Sustainability 2.0 image #1

This presentation is the opening Keynote on Day 2 of the “Challenging Connections” EAUC Annual Conference 2015, presented by Giles Hutchins, Speaker, writer, adviser, author of The Illusion of Separation.

Contrary to popular opinion, the Mother of all Problems is not capitalist consumerism, but a flawed logic woven into our collective psyche at deep and partly unconscious levels. Deal with this and the downstream effects - consumerism, climate change, ecological destruction, social degradation – are addressed with a mind-set no longer impaired by the same thinking that created the problems in the first place. These transformational times demand that those at the vanguard of sustainability catalyse this new mind-set. The future of humanity depends on it, and time is no longer on our side.

Visionary speaker, writer and adviser Giles Hutchins explores the cause of our current crises and then activates the logic required for change agents to reach beyond Sustainability 2.0. Formerly Global Head of Sustainability for an 80,000 employee IT service provider; author of the books The Nature of Business and The Illusion of Separation; and adviser to a variety of pioneering educational establishments, Giles views Head of Sustainability roles in colleges and universities as crucial in bridging this paradigmic shift from old world to new world thinking, being and doing.

In this keynote we discover what the next wave of sustainability looks and feels like and what this means for our work ahead.

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