Reduce the Juice - How to run a waste sprint

Tags: students | communications | sustainable behaviour

Reduce the Juice is a sustainability engagement programme for students living
in residential halls. It empowers and encourages students to adopt sustainable
behaviours through targeted messaging, effective branding and relatable
data communication. 

It focuses on three key areas (energy, water and recycling) and is run as a two tier competition.

Sprints are what we call the month long competitions run on the university-wide level. Throughout the year we run three sprints in each participating university, one focusing on each key area (energy, water and recycling).

During the sprint all the participating halls in the university compete to create the biggest change in the area the sprint is focusing on. For example, during the waste sprint, the halls compete to achieve the biggest reduction in waste sent to landfill.

The winning hall then receives £250 to spend on a prize of their choice.