Responsible Institutions Research Internship

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Between October 2019 to April 2020, EAUC-Scotland, on behalf of the Responsible Universities Group Scotland (RUGS) hosted Sonya Peres as the Responsible Institutions Research Intern. The internship aims were to explore and produce resources to support sustainability in the HE sector in priority areas identified by RUGS. Priority areas included: 

1. Business Air Travel 
2. Single-use plastics 
3. the Use of the Sustainable Development Goals 

Below is a collated list of resources produced during the internship: 

Key contributions made by the internship include:

  • Engaging over 40 FHE institutions in discussions about air travel 
  • Producing a novel self-assessment tool to help justify individual flights 
  • Including the insight and experiences of international students in discussions on internationalisation and air travel 
  • Identifying opportunities, challenges and areas for further research in internationalisation amid the climate crisis 
  • Sharing global best practice on tackling disposable culture through semi-structured interviews