Reuse Activities and Waste Regulation - SEPA Guidance

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SEPA has published new guidance on Reuse Activities and Waste Regulation which aims to support the growth of reuse activities in Scotland, in line with the Scottish Government Strategy for a Circular Economy, and the SEPA Waste to Resources Framework.

The guidance is relevant for anyone who undertakes activities which involves the reuse of products – for instance local authorities, charity shops, community reuse organisations, remanufacturing companies, repair shops / services, logistics companies that transport used goods, retailers that take back used goods, online reuse organisations, auction houses, pawnbroker etc. It provides clarity on when activities involving reuse of products fall within the scope of waste regulation (and when they do not), and how to comply if they do. The guidance has been developed through close working a wide range of stakeholders, through workshops and an online consultation.

If you have any queries, please contact Lorna Walker, Senior Policy Officer.


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