Royal Agricultural University's biomass boiler

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Royal Agricultural University's biomass boiler image #1

The Royal Agricultural University installed a 500kW biomass boiler in 2011, which replaced carbon intensive and inefficient oil boilers to provide heat to four buildings (both teaching and residential). The installation cost £500,000 (and was part funded by a £150,000 grant under the then South West Bioenergy Grant Scheme). Within 3 years the installation saved over £40,000 in fuel costs and 431 tonnes of CO2e – equating to 38% of the University’s carbon reduction target. Greenhouse gas emissions associated with transporting the fuel are also significantly reduced, as all the wood chips are sourced from within 25 miles of Gloucester. As well as these direct benefits, the system is also used to facilitate knowledge exchange more widely, as a resource for teaching, research and consulting work on renewable energy.

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