Salix Finance local authority case studies

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Salix has worked with 725 clients across the public sector, including local authorities, central government, schools, universities and colleges and NHS trusts.

On average Salix projects will pay back their costs within 3.4 years and go on to save almost four times the original investment over their effective lifetime. All Salix grants and loans are either reinvested in new projects or eventually returned to government. 

Warwickshire County Council holds a recycling fund of around £600,000. It has used this to fund a diverse range of projects across a range of local services, which in total are projected to save more than £2m and 11,578 tonnes of CO2 over their lifetime. 

Notably, it has installed an innovative eco cooler unit, which uses fresh air from outside the building (unlike conventional units which use energy to reduce the temperature of inside air) to cool the council’s own server room. This project cost just £21,810 and will save £300,000 over its lifetime. 

The council is also implementing projects across more than 30 schools. Upgrading lighting from T8 to T5 at Brook school at a cost of around £15,000 will save almost £31,800 and 144 tonnes of CO2. Cavity wall insulation in Bilton Infants costing just £5,074 will save a total of £38,500. Dishwashers will replace old steriliser sinks in 11 schools, achieving a total saving of £167,834 (an installation costing approx. £7,000 can be expected to save approx £14,000). The schools will benefit from an improved kitchen environment through a reduction in steam and heat output - and the dishwashers are safer to operate.

Torbay Council - Eleven projects costing £374,000 will enable Torbay Council to save over £900,000 and almost 5 tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the technologies implemented. 

For example, upgrading compact fluorescent lighting in Brixham College sports hall to LED lighting will save over £27,000, voltage optimisation equipment in Torquay Boys Grammar school will save £57,000, and street lighting fitting upgrades will save over £500,000 at a cost of just over £200,000. Insulation and draft proofing at Roebuck House and Electric House will save £28,000, at a cost of just £13,000.

Nottinghamshire County Council - Around 80 projects the value of just over £900,000 will lead to savings of just over £2.5m and almost 16,000 tonnes of CO2. 

Robert Mellors Primary School in Nottinghamshire has undertaken a lighting upgrade project where T12 flourescent tubes were replaced with T8 and T5 fittings, resulting in a projected lifetime saving of around £32,000. The school will save £40,000 through a loft insulation project. 

Bramcote Hills Sports and Community College will save £240,000 by insulating pipework and £97,000 by installing point of use water heaters.