Salix Finance NHS case studies

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Salix has worked with 725 clients across the public sector, including local authorities, central government, schools, universities and colleges and NHS trusts.

On average Salix projects will pay back their costs within 3.4 years and go on to save almost four times the original investment over their effective lifetime.  All Salix grants and loans are either reinvested in new projects or eventually returned to government. 

Frimley Park NHS - At Frimley Park, Surrey, a single site NHS Trust, a Salix fund of £100,000 is enabling energy efficiency projects that are projected to generate lifetime savings of almost £500,000 and over 3,000 tonnes of CO2.

Work includes the installation of reflective panels behind radiators, low energy lamps in residences and in street lighting. By replacing the old pumps to the boilers that heat the main building with energy efficient direct drive pumps, that only work on demand, the trust has made good savings. 

Gateshead NHS Trust - Salix funding of around £240,000 is helping the Trust to implement energy saving projects across three hospital sites, including the installation of lighting upgrades, pipe work insulation, zone controls and a steam boiler controller. Total lifetime savings for the fund of over £900,000 and over 7,500 tonnes of CO2 are expected. 

Addenbrooke's NHS Trust - A Salix fund of around £440,000 is supporting over a two dozen projects which will lead to combined lifetime savings of almost £1,200,000 and 9,400 tonnes of CO2. These include lighting upgrades, in corridors, storerooms and staircases, plate heat exchangers, boiler controls and the installation of variable speed drives to create more efficient ventilation in theatres.

Kings College Hospital (SEELS) - The installation of a condensing flu gas economiser, which improves boiler heat recovery, at a cost of £300,000 will save King’s College Hospital over £2 million and reduce CO2 emissions by 18,000 tonnes over its lifetime. This technology pays back its costs within 18 months. 

Point of use water heaters, which prevent the heat loss that takes place when water is piped water from a single heating unit to a number of separate outlets, were installed at a cost of around £30,000 and will alone save over £135,000 during their effective lifetime.