Salix Finance higher education client case studies

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Salix has worked with 725 clients across the public sector, including local authorities, central government, schools, universities and colleges and NHS trusts.

On average Salix projects will pay back their costs within 3.4 years and go on to save almost four times the original investment over their effective lifetime.  All Salix grants and loans are either reinvested in new projects or eventually returned to government. 

See below for a selection of Higher Education case studies illustrating how Salix help clients save money and reduce emissions. 

Surrey University - A dozen energy efficiency projects costing just over £600,000 will lead to lifetime savings of over £2.3m and 13,000 tonnes of CO2. For example, boiler replacement will save over £260,000 and heating distribution improvements will save over £200,000. Upgrading library lighting to T5 fittings will alone save over £175,000 at a cost of £35,500.

Manchester University - Manchester University stands to save over £4.4m and almost 22,000 tonnes of CO2 by implementing 42 projects costing a total of £770,000. For example, the installation of LED lighting across a range of facilities on and off campus will save a lifetime total of more than £460,000. A chilling plant upgrade costing £360,000 will save more than £1.2m.

University of Bradford - The University of Bradford is currently installing a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) plant made possible by a £2.4 Million Salix loan. The CHP unit will generate electricity and recover waste heat to provide hot water and heating for the University of Bradford City Campus.