Scope 3 Methodology Guidance

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EAUC and AUDE are delighted to launch guidance for the education sector on how to calculate Scope 3 carbon emissions. EAUC and AUDE are committed to supporting the sector.
This guidance has been developed in partnership with ARUP and with the support of the former Higher Education Funding Council for England (HEFCE).

Scope 3 includes:

  • Travel Emissions
  • Procurement Emissions
  • Water Emissions
  • Waste Emissions

The summary guidance includes:

  • Easy to use decision trees
  • Calculation methods
  • What information is required
  • What information to collect
  • Tools
  • Further guidance

We thank the EAUC and AUDE members that have helped us to develop this guidance.

You can view the guidance here and is freely and publically available to the sector.