Scotland Adapts: A Capability Framework for a Climate Ready Public Sector

Tags: Scotland | change | adaptation | climate | framework | capability

This Handbook and Framework from Adaptation Scotland has been developed on the principle that successful adaptation is not simply a case of improving understanding through analysing climate data and risk models. Effective leadership, governance arrangements, inclusive planning approaches and working beyond organisation and sectoral silos, are of equal importance for successful adaptation. 

The resulting framework is a pioneering capability-maturity approach that aims to support organisations adapt to climate change. It identifies four capabilities that need to be developed, and recommends tasks that support progress for organisations starting out to those leading the way. 

The Framework supports a flexible approach, one that can be tailored to each organisation’s unique circumstances. You need to be able to take opportunities, work within constraints, and adjust to changing conditions on your adaptation journey. 

Adaptation Scotland have also released a Starter Pack which provides detailed guidance on the first stage tasks of the Adaptation Capability Framework. It is for professionals with limited prior knowledge of adaptation or for those working in organisations where adaptation work is in the very early stages.